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Frequently Asked Questions

I never thought in my life I'd need to write an FAQ due to lack of time, but recently I'm getting asked a lot of the same questions, and I just wanted to make a place for people to look and see if their question is here or maybe even learn a little about us. ENJOY!

Tiny Top Hats, who are you?
We are a group of friends that love to cosplay and craft things. We've been cosplaying for a year now and won various awards for our efforts. You can learn more about the cosplays we've done on my main account, littlecasaroo

Who runs this account/is there more than one person on it?
I run it, HI I'M CASSIE!! I'm the girl you see modeling the hats in most pictures ^_^ Nice to meet you! Me and another member of my crew, James, are on this account. But 99% of the time when you comment, reply, send a note, anything having to do with talking to us, I'm the one you're talking to =) There's a lot to do though, so it takes 2 of us to manage everything xD

Cassie.... how/why do you reply to so many comments?
Thank you for noticing :') Hahaha I try to reply to every question or comment we receive because if it wasn't for everyone commenting, viewing, faving, and supporting us, we would literally not be doing this! So I just want everyone to know how important your comments are to us! I don't want you to ignore us, so I try to never ignore you!
Now bear with me because I fall behind sometimes and I may be slow to reply, but I will always reply in time :) It just takes me a while xD
If you need to get ahold of me fast and need a quick reply, the best way is to send me a Note on DeviantART, or to contact me on Etsy. I can reply to those right away on my phone :)

Where is Tiny Top Hat's Located?
We are Located in North Carolina, USA. We ship our hats all over the world though =)

Do you ever sell your hats at Conventions?
YES! We've just started doing this (I know it seems like we've been around a while, but we only started in January ._.) but we'll be attending a few surrounding cons and selling hats at Artist's Alleys! To find out what cons we'll be at, check out our Facebook =)

Do you make the bases for your hats? How do you make them?
Yes, we make everything on our hats completely from scratch!! We don't buy from a miniature hat company and just decorate them :giggle:
As for our methods and materials, my crew and I have chosen to keep our methods a secret! Cause we're so ninja like that =P

Will you make a tutorial on how to make hats?
No I'm sorry, we don't have the time. Also see the last question. NINJA!

Can I work for Tiny Top Hats?
I'm sorry, we're not looking for any more help at this time but maybe some day! :meow: Wouldn't that be nice?

Do you do Custom Hat orders and how much are they?
Yes we absolutely do!!!
Custom hat orders are based solely on how time consuming your hat will be to make, and also what materials we might have to purchase to make your hat. They usually cost $40. However if the design is very intricate or time consuming for us, we will charge more.
But every Hat is different, so just note me if you'd like to know more =)

I love you
We love you too :heart:

This isn't a question but more of something I'd like to say to everyone.
I'm honored to inspire people with our designs, and to be told we've inspired you is really awesome. But please...
Don't copy our designs
They're all original and we put so much work and thought into them. Tiny Hats have been around for a while but we haven't, and although we've gained success and we're very cool people (hehe) We don't really appreciate art theft. It's the same as stealing a piece of artwork from someone, please don't do it :(



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United States

Almost all of our hats are for sale so check out our Etsy Shop :…

And even if you don't see a hat you like, send me a note. We also do custom orders =)

Facebook by orionsreverie :boogie::thumbsup: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!:thumbsup::boogie:
:icontwitterplz:!/Tiny_Top_Hats Follow me (Cassie) on Twitter at your own risk :XD:

Tiny Top Hats is a small group of friends that design, construct, model, and sell a large variety of one-of-a-kind miniature top hats. Our top hats are as individual as the people who wear them.
Whether you wanna dress up your outfit, or cosplay every day, Tiny Top Hats are perfect for making you stand out!

They also make wonderful and unique gifts =)

Please feel free to look at all our hats and watch us because we're constantly posting new designs.
And if you'd like to see us make a certain tiny top hat don't be shy to suggest it!
Also, for custom tiny top hat information, just leave us a note!

We hope to be hearing from you!
Hey there Tiny Toppers!
Sorry for the lack of updates and journals etc, I didn't realize it had been so long :iconhappytearsplz:
We've been so busy with cons for months now, and I'm just writing this between work and sleep :XD: Life has a way of taking over and making everything fun like DA get put on hold >_<
But now I'm gonna try to be online much more! I've been having a few health issues in addition to non-stop work, and I think that's sorting itself out now ^__^

As for Cons that are up and coming for us to be attending, here's an Idea of what's on the schedule for us for the rest of the year:

Metro Con - Tampa Florida - July 26th-28th
Anime USA - Washington DC - September 13th-15th
Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) - Atlanta, Georgia - September 27th-29th
(Possibly) New York Comic Con - New york city, New York - October 10th-13th
Banzai Con - South Carolina - October 25th-27th (Me and my band will also be attending this con to play music too! :D Really excited about that)

There's another few cons that may or may not pan out for us to attend, but for the most part those are the cons left for 2013. This means once they're over I can focus on new designs with my crew, new cosplays, and possibly more hat contests and giveaways! So stick with us and forgive us for such a lack of activity :iconloveloveplz:

Hope your 2013 is going great! And to all those at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, I AM SO JEALOUS! :giggle:




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